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Sacramental Preparation Programme for First Holy Communion and Reconciliation

Jesus spoke to them... 'and know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time." (Matthew 28:20)

Family Catechesis is a method of catechesis that supports the 'domestic church' by assisting parents in leading their own children in the lifelong call to holiness within the community of the church.

The With You Always resource is for parents and their children in school year 4, aged 8-9 who are preparing for Reconciliation and First Communion. The resource encourages parents/carers and children to meet together with parish catechists, supported by the school, to learn about the Sacraments using the Family Catechesis method.

In the Archdiocese of Liverpool, Family Catechesis has brought enormous blessings to families, catechists, clergy, parishes and schools. Family Catechesis is simply parents talking to their children about the Faith, in the context of the welcoming and supportive parish. One way to envision Family Catechesis is to picture a father, or mother, or grandparent sitting next to a child in a parish or school hall, chatting together and working through colourful booklets designed to deepen their understanding of Christ and the Church's Sacramental life. The outcome of Family Catechesis is the domestic church passing on the faith - parents passing on the faith to their children.

For many parents Family Catechesis is a handy reminder of what they themselves learned about the Sacraments in their own youth. For others, it is a gentle introduction to key information about how Baptism leads us to Eucharist, and about the grace given in Reconciliation for our Christian journey through life. Most importantly Family Catechesis puts parents in their rightful role and their child's 'first and best teachers'.

Overview of the resource

The With You Always resource aims to:
  • engage parents and children in sessions that are welcoming and active
  • offer time for parents and children to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ within the parish community
  • help parents and children learn about the Faith and respond to God's Word in their daily lives
  • prepare parents and children for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist in the primary school years.
The With You Always resource:
  • is faithful to the liturgical year
  • provides seven sessions once a month from September to May
  • includes two additional celebrations in Advent and Lent
  • at every session families are always together
  • includes separate parent, child and catechist pages
  • is enriched by, but is not dependant on, the school RE curriculum
  • offers special challenges for large groups
  • provides a range of suggestions to engage children, recognising the variety of learning styles
  • provides integrated sessions of preparation for Communion and Reconciliation
  • has an emphasis on activity, song, and continuing the learning at home
  • offers a celebration of Family Reconciliation in Advent
  • includes a rehearsal for the Communion Mass
  • leads to the Communion Mass.
Each Session has the same structure:
  • Introduction: catechists deliver a brief welcome to the session and its themes.
  • Gathering: parent/carer and child link the session theme with life experience .
  • Sharing Scripture and Tradition: parent/carer and child read about Scripture (Old and New Testaments) and Catholic Tradition.
  • Responding: parent/carer and child share an activity.
  • Celebrating: the Catechist leads prayer in the large group.
  • Taking out: sessions end with a task to complete at home during the month.

Session content

September: Come to the water (Sign of the Cross & Family/Baptism).
October: Called by name (Names/Saints).
November: Come back to me (Sign of Peace & Choices/Reconciliation).
Advent: Family Reconciliation (First Reconciliation).
December: Advent/Christmas (celebration to be decided by the parish or Pastoral Area).
January: A new way of living (Following Jesus & The Beatitudes).
February: Teach us to pray (Prayer & Growth/Lord's Prayer).
March: Jesus brings us together (Jesus Feeds Us & The Triduum & Community/Eucharist).
Lent/Holy Week/Easter: (celebration to be decided by the parish or Pastoral Area).
April/May: Jesus calls us to follow Him (Receiving Holy Communion &Jesus/Eucharist).
May/June: Rehearsal for the First Communion Mass for parents and children & Communion Mass with families).

The Christmas and Easter sessions (December and April) are an opportunity to bring families together with the parish community outside the Mass and Family Catechesis sessions. In Advent there may be a nativity or party, for example. During Lent parishes might choose to make an Easter garden or pray the Stations of the Cross together.

The With You Always resource has 7 sessions, parent and child booklets; folders and catechist books can be ordered as required.

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Children's Leaflets

Children's Leaflet Session One
Session One
Children's Leaflet Session Two
Session Two
Children's Leaflet Session Three
Session Three
Children's Leaflet Session Four
Session Four
Children's Leaflet Session Five
Session Five
Children's Leaflet Session Six
Session Six
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Session Seven

Parent's Leaflets

Parent's Leaflet Session One
Session One
Parent's Leaflet Session Two
Session Two
Parent's Leaflet Session Three
Session Three
Parent's Leaflet Session Four
Session Four
Parent's Leaflet Session Five
Session Five
Parent's Leaflet Session Six
Session Six
Parent's Leaflet Session Seven
Session Seven